اولین سایت تخصصی علم آیرودینامیک

اولین سایت تخصصی علم آیرودینامیک

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راهنمای ساخت موشک آبی خاص

Step 1Lets get Started

A water rocket is propelled by pressurised air forcing water down though a nozzle. This creates thrust.

If you took a standard two litre fizzy soft drink bottle and pressurised it to120 psi the rocket would reach about 100 or so feet.

But then if you took 2, two litres bottles and pressurised it to 120 psi again the rocket would go about 150 feet or so because the rocket has more air in it therefore creating more thrust. The rocket will only go 50 feet more because of the added mass. You can stop this by making a two stage rocket. A two stage rocket will work better because it would not have to carry the full payload on all of its flight.

Step 2How to build a fins and nose cones

In the next few steps you will be shown how to build the basic needs of a bottle rocket.
This step is to get to grips on what a rocket needs.

Step 3Step 2: Nose cone

Cut a ping pong ball in half with a craft knife,
Then glue half of the ping pong ball into the top of the 1.25 litre bottle 'top'.

Use a Plastic adhesive glue, Or if apperance doesn't matter you could just tape it on!

Step 4Step 3: Nosecone

Glue or tape the nose cone to the top of the rocket.

Adding wieght to the nose cone may help, It will move the centre of gravity higher, thus being more stable.


Step 5Fins

This stage is still the basics of how to make a water rocket but may help in later projects.

Step 1:

Print off the fin template from the link below... Or design your own..

Then glue the fin template on to cardboard, then cut it out or use it as a template for corregated plastic.
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This time I would like to present a simple way to make a water rocket. I hope that my step by step instructions will make it very easy and enjoyable.

Step 1 Used materials

- 3 plastic 2L bottles
- cardboard
- scotch tape
- duct tape
- one tennis ball
- fishing line
- one big trash bag

Step 2Preparing the rocket wings

Draw 4 right triangles on the cardboard (3.5 in x 5 in x 6.5 in each) and cut them.

Step 3Attaching wings to the main bottle.

Put the bottle upside down.In order to avoid any confusions, I will call it the main bottle. Attach each wing 3 inches from the cap, using duct tape. You can also stick the tape on the surface of triangles to make them more stable. Make sure you placed the wings with the same distance from each other. It will help the rocket go straight up.

Step 4Preparing the first part of rocket's extension.

In this step you will cut another bottle to get a plastic tube. Cut off bottleneck and the bottom. In this way you are left with a cylindric tube, which you are going to use as your extension.

Step 5Attaching first extension to the main bottle

Tightly connect the plastic tube with the main bottle, using scotch tape. Try to connect them perfectly straight. It will help to keep the balance of your future rocket.

Step 6Preparing the final part of rocket's extension

Cut off the bottleneck from your last plastic bottle. Overlap the rocket with that final extension, placing it in exactly opposite way to the main bottle. To make sure it won't get disconnected during the flight, use a duct tape. Because the top edge is sharp, I taped it to prevent my future parachute from cutting.

Step 7Preparing the upper part of the parachute

From a trash bag cut the octagon figure. (The bigger parachute you make, the longer time it stays in the air!!! ) Stick duct tape on each corner (both sides) ,then use a puncher to make wholes (.5 inch from the edge). It will prevent used trash bag from ripping apart.

Step 8Preparing the lower part of the parachute

Cut 8 strings from a fishing line. All of them have to be the same lenght. ( around 2/3 of the octagon's diameter). Attach the strings to a tennis ball. In order to do it, first lance a ball on both sides(top and bottom). Then pull the strings through it and use duct tape to make it solid.

Step 9Finishing the parachute.

Connect each string to the hole. Tight them firmly. Again, make sure that all string are the same lenght.

Step 10Placing obtained parachute in the rocket

Carefuly fold the parachute and place it into the "basket" from the final extension part. Do not squeeze it to hard, because it won't come out in the air. Put the tennis ball on the top of the parachaute.

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